Saturday, April 5, 2008

Memorial Day Honeymoon? Three Cute Swimsuits for the Warm Weather

The expression "as American as apple pie," is not that old. "Apple pie figures in our figurative language, too, as in the expressions 'simple as pie' (since everyone supposedly knows how to make apple pie) and, though not an Americanism, 'apple-pie order' (1780). Alas, the cherry pie is as well known as the apple pie. However, in figurative speech we use the term to be 'as American as apple pie.'"

Memorial day is fast approaching... with that the opening of the local pools, the christening of bonafide beach going and the day we recognize those who gave their lives for our country. With this in mind we have put up two swimsuits that reflect American symbols ... the cherry swimsuit (which is as well known as the apple) and the Patriotic Swimsuit. Both Available at Get Go

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