Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fall Candle Favors for Your Thanksgiving Wedding!

Accent your fall our autumn event with these lovely leaf candle favors. Use them as part of your ... more info.

Compliment your fall wedding with a practical favor that guests will truly appreciate. Our Mini ... more info.

For More Fall Favors Visit Our Fall Favors Page at Laptop Bride!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Beautiful, Affordable Beach Garden Centerpiece

Looking for a VERY unique centerpiece for your beach themed wedding? This is it. AND, it's affordable. What better centerpiece than shells and candles. I love this! And, it makes a nice gift for some lucky guest at your table!

Beaches Candle & Rock Garden ONLY $24.99! A sophisticated centerpiece for a dinner or buffet table. The antique bronze finish wrought iron tray has a champagne bubble glass tray. The included pearlized candles coordinate with the seashells and sand.

Evening Dresses for your Rehearsal Dinner, Evening Wedding or Holiday Party

The Holiday Season is fast approaching. Chances are you will need a dress for the rehearsal dinner, perhaps an evening wedding or Holiday Party. Now is the time to start looking ... once Halloween is over everything will be geared towards December! For those with a curvy figure our favorite shop IGIGI has some beautiful dresses that can be worn more than once. Here are two that we like:

Marianna Dress - in Black
This elegant dress with bell sleeves in luxurious lace will sure provide for a luscious experience. Bateau neckline; Empire waist; Bell sleeves; Flared skirt.

Siren Dress in Red
Bare shoulders and luscious velvet bring out the screen siren in you. Empire waist; Bell sleeves; Bra-friendly straps

And, in case you get cold . . . A Shrug (come in Black or White)
Reminiscent of the classical Hollywood glamour this stunning faux mink cropped bolero jacket will complete any special occasion look. ¾ sleeves Closure with embellishment.

Silk Flowers as Table Centerpieces

A beautiful alternative to using "real" flowers, are silk flowers. They make great centerpieces that last! No muss, no fuss, no mess : ) And, most Silk Flower companies offer single flowers where you can make your own bouquet or centerpieces. Here are a few that I like:

Floating Rose

Floating Rose

This perfectly outstretched silk rose gently floats atop hardened acrylic water. A rich scarlet red hue, this silk arrangement is a tasteful accent for entertaining, from weddings to weekends. But don''t be surprised if your guests can''t resist touching the authentic looking petals!

Autumn Hydrangea Centerpiece
Autumn Hydrangea Centerpiece

A bounty of silk hydrangea, wild grasses, seed sprays and fern fronds erupt from our ceramic planter in all the rustic hues of autumn. These replica silk-dried flowers provide a festive centerpiece for fall holidays and gatherings. And one more reason to give thanks... they don''t shed or discolor like their natural counterparts.

Calla Lily Trio
Something a little different:

Calla Lily Trio

Not the conventional floral type? This provocative trio of calla lilies is the artful evolution of traditional design. Each burgundy wine flute is fashioned with deft detail. Each silk stem is sculpted with geometric elegance. And the finished piece makes a sonorous statement of contemporary style.

Trilogy of Tulips
Everyone loves tulips....

Trilogy of Tulips
Soft hues and bold design artfully combine in this poignant piece. Sculpted silk tulips gently cascade in quiet colors of nectarine, pale yellow and white. With textured leaves and contrasting shoots of miniature buds, this fan arrangement makes any interior au courant. Perfect for the non-traditionalist.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Zombie Wedding Cake Topper : )

In the spirit of Halloween I have to post this!
Someone on made this adorable custom zombie wedding cake topper: "A zombie portrait wedding cake topper I did for my friend Rebecca's wedding cake. She wanted a topper of her and her groom with her eating his brains,so I did just that."

Way to go girl!!!! : )

Friday, October 26, 2007

Last Minute Halloween Table Centerpieces & Decoration Ideas

Martha Stewart has some great Halloween Items on sale right now. This Pumpkin centerpiece would be great for your event or your coffee table!
Treat your favorite goblins to a sweet bouquet. Or dress up your home in the most festive flowers of the season. Martha Stewart Flowers has two of their best Halloween flower varieties on sale! The Halloween Gourd Bouquet and the Spider Wreath are 25% off until October 30, 2007.


Pumpkin Centerpiece
This unique arrangement will coax smiles from your friends and family. Set in a specially carved gourd, gerbera daisies in five different varieties bloom in a brilliant autumnal display of mixed oranges, yellows, and burgundy. Harvested fresh from Santa Barbara, California, these flowers are sure to charm, and will add vibrant warmth to any celebration. Gourd measures 7" H.
Under $40.00!

And if you need a decoration for your table or door --- this spider wreath is great. You could set it on a table and place a clear bowl with either candies or perhaps water and floating candles, better yet place a spooky candle in the middle!


Spider Wreath
The perfect Halloween wreath, both spooky and sweet, is adorned with creepy-crawly spiders. A suitably eerie treasure to welcome trick or treaters, and to decorate your home for Halloween gatherings. Made from Winterbud Twigs and Grey Beard Moss, both from Southwest Oregon. Hang indoors or in a covered outdoor area. Handled with care, it can be enjoyed for many years. This wreath measures 18”.
Under $45.00

Thanksgiving Apple Centerpiece Ideas

Never thought I would actually see candles good enough to eat : ) Aren't these a beauty? These would make a great centerpiece for your fall or Thanksgiving wedding. They can be used in a basket, bowl , or as an accessory to an existing centerpiece you have. Tip: If you have a table of 10 guests, you could put 10 apples in a decorative bowl (or basket) and let each guest take one home. You can choose to light or not light them.

Apple Candle - Red

Apple Candle - Red These apple fruit candles are so real it's just like biting into a ripe and crunchy red apple but there is no juice to drip down your chin. These beautiful realistic apple candles look like they’ve just been plucked from the orchard.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All Fore! Love Interchangeable Cake Topper

I'm all "fore" love : ) (Couldn't resist) . . .

Here's your chance to poke a little fun at your fianceé's golf obsession. Lighthearted and whimsically styled , this topper is made of porcelain with vivid, handpainted details. The set includes both a bride and groom figurine that can be mixed and matched in your choice of African American or caucasian. Each figurine measures 5.5" tall. While you may mix and match the figurines shown, we are not able to provide custom paint colors for the hair, skin color or other details.
Only other comment I have ... maybe bride should be dressed in black... because she will more thank likely end up a "golf widow." : ) Unless she plays of course!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Autumn Gold or Chocolate Brown Candy Filled Box with Fall Leaf

From Favor by Serendipity; A beautiful Fall Leaf sits on top of a 2" square Matt Gold or Chocolate Brown glossy favor box.Tied with rich coordinating Autumn Gold or Chocolate Brown Satin Ribbon and filled with white almonds or white sugar coated chocolate hearts.

These are gorgeous and work well with an October or November event. Elegant and classy!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Heart Shadows ... Pictures by Creative People : )

Interesting photo set on Flickr ... Heart shadows created by rings and a book. Thought I would share ... Here is a sampling, if you have time check out the other photos. Some people are very creative : )

Sunday, October 21, 2007

WOW! Pure Pearls ... great styles AND prices.

Looking for Bridal Pearls? So many choices ! I was looking for pearls for myself and came across this wonderful site. Lots of choices in both style and pricing. They have very expensive, down to very discounted. And, I love the styles they offer. I put a few different ones up just to show how versatile this company is with their fashion styles. offers high-quality, fine pearl jewelry at exceptional discount prices. Their pearls are both breathtaking and inspiring. At you will find earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings, custom strands, bridal jewelry, loose pearls, clasps, cufflinks, and much more at up to 85% less than anywhere else. Each piece of pearl jewelry purchased from comes with a Certified Appraisal certificate verifying the 100% authenticity of the pearls. only offers cultured pearl jewelry and are cultivated in oysters. These pearls are harvested in the waters of Japan, China, French Polynesia, and Australia. They are meticulous in their pearl selection and only offer the world's finest pearls. Pure Pearls guarantees the quality of its fine pearl jewelry and offers free shipping on all orders over $75.

Freshwater Inspiration 5-Tier Choker Set - 16

Freshwater Inspiration 5-Tier Choker Set - 16", 5.0 mm, white

Freshwater pearl choker set will inspire! Retail Price: $775.00. Our Price: $155.00.

Akoya Pearl Necklace - 18

Akoya Pearl Necklace - 18", 6.0-6.5 mm, white
Simple yet stunning 6.0-6.5mm AA+ Akoya pearls! Retail Price: $950.00. Our Price: $195.00.

Tahitian Pearl and Leather Neck Piece, AA+, 12-13mm, black
Tahitian Pearl and Leather Neck Piece, AA+, 12-13mm, black
With the combining elements of strong character and urban sophistication, the Tahitian pearl, leather, and 14K gold makes a stand-out piece with unrivaled wearability. Retail Price: $2,000.00. Our Price: $400.00.

3-Tier Golden South Sea Pendant with Diamonds, (3) AA+ 10-11mm Golden South Sea Pearls

3-Tier Golden South Sea Pendant with Diamonds, (3) AA+ 10-11mm Golden South Sea Pearls
Retail Price: $11,000.00. Our Price: $2,200.00.

Charming Victorian Filigree Favor Box

Inexpensive. Romantic. Beautiful. Classy. Inexpensive. What a great favor!

Charming Victorian Filigree Favor Box (Set of 50)
- $ 60.00
Store decadent treats for your guests in these beautiful favor boxes. The delicate cage-shaped boxes are made of sturdy paper with an intricate laser-cut design on all sides. Place colored almonds or your favorite candies inside for a stylish complement to your reception decor and close box with included gold ribbon. The sleek and sophisticated favor box comes in antique white and is perfect for formal or casual settings. Guests will love opening the dainty box and finding the sweet treats inside. (Sold as set of 50) Some assembly is required.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Deceptively Delicious .... the new Jessica Seinfeld Book .. It's a keeper.

I admit it, I'm a Regis Philbin fan and I watched his show last week with Jessical Seinfeld. If you didn't see it, she made brownies using vegetables -- hidden, you know, you don't tell anyone there are vegetables in the dessert. I wanted it. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI kid you not . . . I went to Border's Cafe yesterday to purchase the new Jessica Senfeld Book
Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food, with a friend. My friend decided to buy the book as soon as we hit the door. Me, I decided to get a caramel mocha latte and planning on buying the book after my little snack (now you know why I need the book). It wasn't even 15 minutes when I went back to the table and they were sold out! This on a Thursday morning at 11:00 a.m. So there must be something to the book ... I borrowed the friends and am going to buy one off Amazon. I have to say the recipes look great!

From the Amazon Site:

Book Description

It has become common knowledge that childhood obesity rates are increasing every year. But the rates continue to rise. And between busy work schedules and the inconvenient truth that kids simply refuse to eat vegetables and other healthy foods, how can average parents ensure their kids are getting the proper nutrition and avoiding bad eating habits?

As a mother of three, Jessica Seinfeld can speak for all parents who struggle to feed their kids right and deal nightly with dinnertime fiascos. As she wages a personal war against sugars, packaged foods, and other nutritional saboteurs, she offers appetizing alternatives for parents who find themselves succumbing to the fastest and easiest (and least healthy) choices available to them. Her modus operandi? Her book is filled with traditional recipes that kids love, except
they're stealthily packed with veggies hidden in them so kids don't even know! With the help of a nutritionist and a professional chef, Seinfeld has developed a month's worth of meals for kids of all ages that includes, for example, pureed cauliflower in mac and cheese, and kale in spaghetti and meatballs. She also provides revealing and humorous personal anecdotes, tear–out shopping guides to help parents zoom through the supermarket, and tips on how to deal with the kid that "must have" the latest sugar bomb cereal.

But this book also contains much more than recipes and tips. By solving problems on a practical level for parents, Seinfeld addresses the big picture issues that surround childhood obesity and its long–term (and ruinous) effects on the body. With the help of a prominent nutritionist, her book provides parents with an arsenal of information related to kids' nutrition so parents
understand why it's important to throw in a little avocado puree into their quesadillas. She discusses the critical importance of portion size, and the specific elements kids simply must have (as opposed to adults) in order to flourish now and in the future: protein, calcium, vitamins, and Omega 3 and 6 fats. Jessica Seinfeld's book is practical, easy–to–read, and a godsend for any
parent that wants their kids to be healthy for a long time to come.

Bob Greene, author of The Best Life Diet:

"I found the techniques for adding vegetables to meals extremely creative and the recipes fantastic! Deceptively Delicious is a must have for your healthy kitchen."

Red Velvet Cake For Your Wedding Cake ... Not So Strange : )

What's one of the hottest wedding cake flavors today? Red Velvet cake -- an old Southern specialty that has had a resurgence of popularity. Couples love the color (Red) created by blemding cocoa powder and red food coloring and they crave the "not-too-sweet" batter and
cream cheese frosting. Red velvet is also a creative way to personalize your wedding -- it tastes great, looks great and makes a good conversation piece at the table : ) And, don't forget ... you can also make red velvet cupcakes! Need a recipe? Here is the easy version:

The Cake

1 pkg. (18.25 oz.) German Chocolate cake Mix

1 pkg (3.4 oz) Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix

2 Tbs. cocoa Powder

1 Cup sour cream

1/3 cup oil

3 eggs

1 oz. liquid red food coloring


8 oz. cream cheese

1/2 cup butter softened

4 cups confectioner's sugar

1 Tbs. milk

3/4 tsp. vanilla

  • Preheat oven to 350oF. Grease 2 (9") round cake pans. Combine cake mix, pudding mix and cocoa. Stir in sour cream, 1/2 cup water, oil, eggs and fool coloring. On medium speed beat 2 minutes. Divide batter between pans. Bake 30 minutes or until pick instead into centers comes out clean. Cool.
  • Frosting: on medium beat cream cheese, and butter. Slowly beat in sugar, then milk and vanilla until fluffy. Fill and frost cake.

Want more recipes? Check out Smitten Kitten; Cake Man Raven; Epicurious; Martha Stewart's recipe or simply put a request in the search engine under "Red Velvet."

Easier still; buy one : ) at or Bake Me a Wish's Red Velvet Chocolate Anniversary Cake

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hello Kitty Aficionados ... Here's the good stuff!

Bailey Banks and Biddle has the cutest Hello Kitty jewelry. Can't help but love their baubles. So for all your Hello Kitty aficionados .... here's the "good stuff!"

Hello Kitty Charm Bracelet This Hello Kitty charm bracelet in sterling silver from the Hello Kitty Collection has seven charms including a citrine and rhodolite flower, a yellow sapphire star, a bunch of amethyst grapes, an enamel Hello Kitty with orange slice, a bunch of red garnet cherries, a
blue topaz and peridot flower and a yellow sapphire and 18K gold sun. The charms feature 18K gold and 18K white gold accents and pavé-set round diamonds totaling 1/5 ctw. on the bales.

Hello Kitty Diamond Pendant (1/3 ctw.)
This Hello Kitty pendant in 18K white gold from the Hello Kitty Collection has pavé-set round diamonds totaling 1/3 ctw. and features black onyx eyes, an 18K gold nose and an 18K rose gold bow. The cable chain is 18.0 inches in length.