Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lady in Red --- For Valentine's Day : )

It's Valentine's Day and what better time to wear red? We found great dresses at e-dress me; from the beautiful cocktail dress, to the cute and funky jumper to a red halter paired with pants. They have great styles and an outfit for any pocketbook, big or small!

The lady in red is dancing with me
Cheek to cheek
Theres nobody here
Its just you and me
Its where I wanna be
But I hardly know this beauty by my side
Ill never forget the way you look tonight

Chris de Burgh

Glittering Red Dresses by Jovani

Glittering Red Dresses by Jovani
Glittering Red Dresses by Jovani

Red Heart Cotton Sundresses by Patricia from Paris

Red Heart Cotton Sundresses by Patricia from Paris
Don't wear your heart on your sleeve. This whimsical short sleeved shift by Patricia from Paris has an appliqued red heart right on the front. Adorable for Valentine's Day. Wear as a shift or with leggings

Red Sexy Halter Tops from eDressMe new york

Red Sexy Halter Tops from eDressMe new york
Pair with a pair of black slacks. Try this stylish and chic top from eDressMe new york. Easy wear, easy care-- this top is an essential basic for any stylish wardrobe. Pair with the perfect jean for a sexy night out and heads will surely turn!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Love is in the Air : ) Lovebird Necklace

Lovebird Silver Necklace

Lovebird Silver Necklace - $ 32.00
Love is in the air and in style with this adorable Lovebird Necklace. This bird necklace has an antique-like silver finish and is crafted from brass-based metal. The pendant features two birds joined by the beak holding a dangling heart charm and measures approximately 3 x 1.5 inches. The brass-finish silver chain measures 18 inches with a 3 inch extender and a claw-clasp closure. Necklace weighs 18.4 grams.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Little More Conversation... Great Valentine Favors that Speak to the Heart

I know, I know, It's an Elvis song! " A Little More Conversation" but hey, it works with wedding favors too. Especially when it's a gift for and from the heart. Take these adorable "Love Notes" Remember your first love note in school, passed from pupil to pupil until it fell into your hands1/2 These "Love Notes" Sticky Notes are designed to bring back that old feeling! Each sheet, etched with "Love Notes" in pretty pink, lets that special someone know how you feel. The perfect favor for Valentine's Day parties, wedding showers, anniversary parties and more, your delighted guests will send the first note to you! The 2" x 2" notes come in a perfectly fitted, white box sprinkled with pink hearts and enduring sentiments like "Hold Me Tonight". A shining, silver heart charm and a pink-and-black bow of sheer organza and satin complete this "notable" favor.

Perhaps you prefer the old fashioned Conversation hearts. A favorite Valentine's Day treat has been updated for weddings! These cute conversation heart candies are the perfect filler for guest favors, coming imprinted with all the classic slogans given a wedding twist: Kiss the Bride, I Love You, and many more. Sold in one pound bags, of approx. 150 pieces.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I "HEART U" - Heart Inspired Favors Never Go Out of Style!

I "HEART U" Mini Cinnamon Hearts

Celebrate your "burning love" for each other or play up a
Valentine's Day theme with these heart-shaped cinnamon hearts and mini pastel hearts wedding favor candy. Tiny little hearts fit into any wedding favors packaging and guests will love the thoughtful sweets. Cinnamon hearts have a mildly spicy cinnamon kick like classic Red Hots and mini pastel hearts are sugary sweet. Perfect for wedding favors and bridal shower favors.

For more heart shaped favors visit our site at Laptop Bride!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cake Slice Boxes With Bakers Twine ... So Simple. So Elegant!

I love these! They are just plain cute! Cake Slice Boxes. It looks like you have what you are suppose to have "a piece of cake!" Have your guest take home a delicious slice of your wedding cake in our generously-sized cake slice box! The boxes make great wedding favor packaging as well! Rubber stamp an image on them, adhere a decorative sticker on them or simply tie a classy ribbon around them to jazz them up! Shipped flat for easy handling and shipping. Completely undecorated and white color only. Measurements:5" square x 3-1/2" H

  • These generously-sized cake boxes are perfect for that delicious slice of wedding cake your guest will take home. The boxes make perfect packaging for your favors as well!
  • The boxes are shipped flat for easy handling and shipping.
  • Place your favors inside the box and then bring up the sides of the box and then close the box.
  • Wrap the box several times with the baker's twine. Thread one end of the twine through the hang tag.
  • Make a bow tie with the twine for the finishing touch.

All Things Tuxedo .... It's the Holidays for Goodness Sakes!Tux

Evening Wedding? Perhaps a party? Perhaps just going out and want to look great. A tuxedo will always fit the bill . . .

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Alternatives to the Floral Wedding Bouquet

If you want to be unique, you or your bridesmaids can choose to carry something other than live or silk flowers down the aisle, here are some fun alternatives:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIf you want to carry a smaller bouquet (or have your bridal attendants carry something small), consider using Tussy Mussies. They have been around since the 18th century. They are simply cones that hold flowers. Designed to be held, or pinned on to clothing. Tussy Mussies can be made of almost any material, but they are most commonly found
in silver or silver-colored metal. Check out Online Bridal for a nice Victorian Rose Bridesmaid Tussy Mussy Tussy Mussy, Designed to hold the brides wedding bouquet, the elegant rose embossed adornment comes with an engravable tag to personalize every aspect of your special day. As flowers fade away, these silver accents will be with you forever. This one is very affordable (under $35), and makes a great keepsake after the wedding.

  • Fans. Try feather fans (available at Oriental Trading ) for a bit of fun, wooden fans for an understated look, or lacey fans for an old-fashioned flavor. For a peek at a variety of fans, check out the Paper Fans at beaucoup which were " As Seen" in InStyle; Weddings magazine and on Good Morning America. In theory, a hand fan is a great giveaway at a summer wedding, or an outdoor party. As lovely as they are practical, fans will sure to be popular among guests. A great way to help your guests stay cool during the ceremony or outdoor reception. Set a fan on each chair for your guests to enjoy - your thoughtfulness will be greatly appreciated. If you like, add some flowers to your fan to add some color and decor. You can follow the theme with Fan Favors!
  • "Winter Muffs are quite romantic if you are having a winter wedding.Lil' Lantern Wedding Favor

  • White Lace Parasols. Paper parasols give a vintage look, and lace parasols offer a Victorian air. Parasols also work as a "twofer" A parasol can beautifully shade
    the bride from the sun or add a decorative touch to bridal showers. Parasols can be turned upside-down for a fun way to collect cards.

  • Candles or lanterns are beautiful. Lanterns shouldn't be too heavy, and candles should be blown out at the alter, (or be smart and use the battery operated candles). No worries about fire. These lanterns to the right are designed to stir up memories of lazy summer
    eveningsPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket spent in the glow of candlelight. Quaint and casual aluminum lantern measures 5" tall and is available in your choice of glossy white or brushed silver. The lid is removable so lighting and replacing the tea light is easy. Again, you can buy battery operated tea lights through Oriental Trading .

If you want to carry a single candle down the aisle you can add radiance to your event with this Choice Crystal lotus flower candleholder with candle. The unique lotus flower closes and sinks underwater, but at dawn it rises and opens again – making it a symbol of the sun and rebirth, representing long life and these wedding favors from the exclusive Choice Crystal truly capture the lotus’ beauty. Each features a 2 ¾” diameter faceted crystal lotus flower candleholder base with a 4” white tapered candle included.

King James Version Wedding Bible
A simple Bible. can be carried by the Bride. Or, the bible can be held with one long stemmed flowrer such as a rose or calla lily.

Conch shells. These are terrific for a beach wedding. (Can be found at Oriental Trading (Item IN-96/1332)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Silver Favors - Elegant, Unique and Looks Expensive : )

Silver is an elegant non-color that makes a huge statement. Elegance. It can be simplified or grand. Two favors that illustrate this nicely are the mini champagne buckets and the candy truffle tray. Simple. Inexpensive. But looks expensive. : )

Mini Engraved Champagne Bucket For the discriminating hostess/couple who loves to entertain with style, this miniature silver plated ice-bucket is great as a
decorative accessory to any place setting and also makes a unique wedding favor
for your guests. Each mini silver champagne bucket can be engraved with a name or a special message. Add your own favorite miniature liquor drink or we
recommend our chocolate champagne bottle to be place inside each bucket. It is a classy, yet fun party favor to give to your guest for any occasion.

Chocolate Heart Truffle Silver Tray - This adorable chocolate heart truffle is irresistible to the taste with its circular accent speck of white chocolate and dark chocolate heart motif. This delectable truffle is filled with a white cream that will sure bring a smile. The chocolate truffle is served on a mini silver plated tray. What better way to thank your guest than to give them the white
glove butler treatment with these delicious bon bon favor trays.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Cutting Edges with The Edger Brownie Pan and Working it off with Kettlebells!

You can cut edges with the one product... but the second one below.... whew! You can't. You gotta work ... no edge cutting! First my favorite thing..... brownies.... Girl's gotta eat! How cool is this! Plus this makes a great bridal shower gift! So make sure you put it on your list!

The Edge Brownie Pan For corner brownie fans and chewy edge lovers, it's a dream come true -- a gourmet brownie pan that adds two chewy edges to every serving! It's the Edge Brownie Pan from Baker's Edge, and it's the first (and only) brownie pan specifically designed for chewy edge lovers. The pan's patented sidewalls also improve baking performance by circulating heat evenly to the pan's middle, where food typically takes longer to bake. The size is just right -- 9" x 12" x 2", so it's a perfect fit for box mixes and most recipes for 9" x 9" and 9" x 13" conventional pans. Widely acclaimed for its innovation and quality since its launch in 2006, the Edge Brownie Pan has received rave reviews by more than 200 magazines, newspapers, and blogs. Units are individually boxed and come complete with a gourmet recipes insert and a custom nylon spatula.

So after you eat all the edges then what? I'll tell you what -the guilt comes in ... which brings us to Kettlebells I first heard about these the other night on the Donnie Deustche show 'The
Big Idea" and am quite intriqued. I may go this way after Christmas to get rid of the packed on pounds as opposed to joining another gym. My only concern will be if I let go and the bell goes flying into the tv or wall : ) But I have to say, these look pretty cool. Previously, I only thought Russian athletes used these things... so much for stereotyping... they are evidently popular!

Kettlebells The Iron Core Way Volume 1 (Complete Guide to Kettlebell Training with Follow Along Workout) Body And Soul Magazine, May 2006

These DVD's provide a thorough kettlebell initiation, with a combination of attention to detail and heart pumping, sweat inducing exercise. Kettlebell Training Basics: Kettlebells are a weighted cannon ball with a handle that delivers an all in one strength and cardio workout. Kettlebells work the entire body with each movement. Exercise converts use them as the latest fitness tool to achieve the core, functional strength and fat burning that has eluded them in other workout programs. A typical 1- hour kettlebell workout can
burn up to 1,200 calories. Volume 1 teaches foundation kettlebell exercises like the swing, clean, press and front squat. Volume 1 also has a 45 minute heart pounding, fat burning follow along workout circuit. Volume 2 builds on the foundation exercises taught in Volume 1. Instruction on the more advanced kettlebell lifts , like the snatch, and a 45 minute sweat- inducing workout guarantee you will lose fat and inches forever!

First Place Kettlebells (Sold As Singles)

  • Helps develop total body strength, power, and endurance
  • Kettlebells work the body across a wide range of angles
  • Increases your dynamic flexibility
  • Off-centered weight of kettlebells increases the demand placed on core stabilization, agility, and proprioception
  • Use for squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snatches, rotational swings and more.

15 lb. Kettlebell

Portable! Kettlebells are heavy but compact. Available in 6 different weights 4kg (8.8lbs.), 8kg (17.6lbs.), 12kg (26.4lbs.), 16kg (35.2lbs.), 20kg (44lbs.), 24kg (52.8lbs.), 32kg (70.4lbs.)

Kettlebells, the hot new dynamic training tool that deliver an intense workout that can be done in half the time of a traditional workout, while producing twice the results. GoFit Kettlebells feature a class defining
oversized, powder coated handle that makes them more user friendly, less slippery, and easier to transition from hand to hand. They color coded for easy weight designation and floor friendly with premium vinyl dipping. Of course, they come with an industry first, world class education by Sarah Lurie Founder of IRON CORE Fitness and the nations leading kettlebell expert. IRON CORE Kettlebell DVD included.
And now, for a preview of how they work.... I am so psyched about these things!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Mother In Law Metldown ... A nice gift ...

OH, I had to post this.... It cracked me up. It's actually a truly nice gift but the name of it is priceless! So hear you have it ... "The Mother In-Law Meltdown!" What it means -- couldn't tell you but.... I'll leave you to your own thoughts ; )

Mother-in-Law Meltdown
- $ 239.95
Dom Perignon Gift Box delicately accompanied by 12 chocolate foiled rosebuds in a box

7 Rules of Makeup That are Ageless

  • Don't tweeze above your brows.
    Any fuzz above your brows creates an unflattering shadow, says New York City makeup artist Vivian Hidalgo of Minardi Salon. To pluck any strays above brows, Hidalgo suggests you look directly into a large mirror (do not tilt your chin up or down -- this distorts your view). And starting at the inner corner, tweeze one hair at a time. To prevent over tweezing, after you've plucked one row, step back from the mirror to check your progress.
  • Clear up a zit overnight with a dab of toothpaste.
    Models started sharing this so-called beauty secret, but the truth is, while the toothpaste does dry the blemish somewhat, it doesn't go far enough, according to NYC dermatologist Diane Berson, M.D. You'll get faster results with an over-the-counter acne treatment containing five percent benzoyl peroxide. Or try Neutrogena's On-the-Spot Acne Patch. (P.S. This absolutely works... I do it all the time!)
  • You absolutely need a lip liner.
    Not always. Neutral lip colors are more forgiving and less likely to show imprecise application. Typically, only dark or bright shades (like red) really need a liner, but makeup pro Kat James has an easier method that produces more natural-looking results: Smooth on lip balm, then apply lipstick to center of lips only. Next, spread the color toward the edges of lips with a lip brush; the lip balm helps dilute the color to create a softer stain, rather than the hard-edged look you'd get with lipstick and liner.
  • Put on concealer first, then foundation.
    Makeup maven Laura Mercier likes to apply foundation first to even out skin tone and provide a base for concealer to cling to. As a result, you use less of your concealer, which makes for a more natural look.
  • Rinse your hair with cold water to make it shine.
    The theory is that a final rinse with cold water after your shampoo seals the cuticle, helping it to reflect more light. But according to hair and scalp expert Philip Kingsley, author of Hair, An Owner's Handbook (Aurum Press, 1995), lowering the water temperature won't enhance shine. In fact, cold water constricts the blood vessels of the scalp, temporarily cutting off the supply of nutrients needed for healthy hair. What helps give hair a pretty sheen? Rinsing thoroughly so that no dulling shampoo residue remains on your hair.
  • Foundation should match the skin tone of your face.
    The surprising answer, according to Kat James, is that your foundation will look more natural if it matches your neck -- specifically, the area near the collarbone. The skin here has a touch more yellow to its undertone, while the face tends to be a little more pink or red. And the last thing you want is a foundation with pink -- it's aging and looks artificial.
  • Rub your wrists together after applying fragrance.
    Some fragrance experts feel that rubbing crushes delicate fragrance molecules, and, as a result, you don't get the true scent. But Annette Green, president of The Fragrance Foundation, disagrees -- unless you have oily skin. "Natural oils mixing with the fragrance before it dries might interfere with the scent," says Green. Allow the fragrance to dry naturally; it takes about ten minutes. (source: Freddys Fitness Zone)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Cross Necklace ... A Perfect Choice for Bridal Jewelry, GIft Giving and Everyday Wear

The cross. An excellent choice for your bridal jewelry, bridesmaids gifts or just gifts or personal use only. The cross represents both beauty, simplicity and symbolism. And, it can be as simple as 2 straight lines intersecting or as embellished as the below Petite Radiant CZ cross necklace. Another cudo, it can be as expensive as you desire or as inexpensive as you desire.. . it will still be beautiful and have meaning. The cross necklace is a popular choice both today and enerations ago. In addition, it can be used as an heirloom to pass down. Also in the spirit of the season, below are a few choices we came across in prices ranging from under $20.00 to over $1,000.00 to give you an idea of the choices available and where you can find great choices!

Petite Radiant CZ Cross Necklace

Price: 39.00

Silver Birthstone Claddagh Cross Pendant

Silver Claddagh Birthstone Cross Pendant

Diamond Knife-Edge Cross Pendant (1/3 ctw.)

- Bailey Banks & Biddle

Blue Sapphire Crosses - 14k Gold Sapphire prong set Cross 2.0 cts. - $ 445.00


Pearl Pendant: Freshwater Cultured Pearl Cross

Sterling Silver Cross My Heart Purity Necklace

From Hearts Treasures for Girls

Cross Pendant with 18 inch necklace 14K Yellow Gold 28.5X21mm

Simple Cross Pendant

Visit Cross Jewelry at
(Great Deals and Steal!) or

More Crosses can be found here and here