Monday, April 30, 2007

The Perfect Earrings for the "VERY TIRED BRIDE"


Check out these cheeky earrings with wit to spare from designer Susan Gould. The set indicates how so much of what you hear goes "in one ear" and "out the other" (perfect for airplane rides, when that passenger next to you won't stop talking about their remodeling project). Or as the Bride -- When you are tired of all the suggestions and stress that comes with planning a wedding. Images are magnified under glass crystal domes with silver plated brass trim and an antitarnish finish. Earrings and posts are silver plated brass, and nickel free. Handmade in San Francisco.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Peace, Love and Happiness

Back to the Biker Wedding; or if you are looking for classy clothing for your honeymoon.... This adorable white Corset Shirt is perfect for either ... and I love the Peace Sign Necklace ....

Mariana's Peace Sign Love & Happiness CZ Necklace

Corset Top Plus

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Women & Makeup Go Together ...

Elf Cosmetics

I am compelled to put this banner up because whether it is for mother's day, your wedding or just everyday.... Elf costmetics is an excellent resource to keep in your back pocket as a place to buy quality -- inexpensive makeup. Great selections and you don't have to pay the high prices. A definite keeper!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Want to be on a Reality TV Show ... Here's the scoop!

Saying 'I do'Here's the latest reality television casting update for reality programming for two new proposed series.The word "proposed" seems to be a key theme with both of these ideas being pitched to me by LMNO Casting Agency.Both these shows are intended for broadcast on the cable network for women WE TV.*

"The Bridesmaid Show"Are you about to be a bridesmaid again for the second, third ... or eighth time? Want to show the world what being a bridesmaid is really all about? The producers for this show want to follow you as you perform all your duties for the bride, from the first fittings to the final vows. All eyes may be on the bride, but you'll be the star of this show. If you, or someone you know has been or expects to be asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding taking place through June 10, they want to hear from you today! The producers are particularly interested in weddings planned in the Southern California area. To apply and learn more, visit or e-mail at*

"Married by the In-Laws"Are you planning to get married this spring, but worried about the expense? The producers for this show want to help by giving you a nice pile of cash to help pay the bills. There's only one catch: You have to let your parents, and your soon to be in-laws take charge of the whole wedding. On this show, the parents of the happy couple take the entire burden off their kids by planning the perfect wedding. Again, ideally, the producers would like to shoot the series in the Southern California area and are particularly interested in couples getting married this spring. To apply and learn more, visit or e-mail*

"This Old Spouse"Has your husband let himself go in ways you couldn't have predicted? Feel like you've given up trying to impress your man? Is your marriage getting kind of ... well, to put it bluntly, boring? Do you wish you could get back to a time when your love was new and you'd do anything for each other? Then the producers of this show want to hear from you. They are looking for couples who want to start a new chapter in their love affairs. On this show, you'll be helped to rekindle that tired romance and begin all over again, feeling better, looking better, more in love than ever. To learn more, visit or e-mail

Saturday, April 21, 2007

New Old Idea... The Paper Gown : )

So what do you think of the paper gown.... No, I'm not talking about the one you wear in the hospital with the back open for everyone to see your .... errr birthday suit! Rather, I'm talking about the "You only get to wear it one time wedding gown". Think about it; the cost; the planning, the picking it out and all the questions about the "dress." Want to make people really talk? Try buying and wearing the Disposable Wedding Gown designed by Tuija Järvenpää, a Finnish designer who is more interested in creating disposable products than in making them permanent.

The wedding gown is made of shiny translucent white paper and can be styled with various prints, ornamental cut-in patterns and folds. It is designed for one-time use only, thus perfect for a wedding. After the event, it can be recycled or thrown away.

The disposable wedding gown was introduced in 2005 in conjunction with an exhibition at the Kunsthalle Helsinki. where a number of couples took part in a wedding ceremony and said "I do" in front of a marriage clerk. Each bride wore one of the dresses made of paper designed either by visual artist Maria Duncker or designer Tuija Järvenpää. The event was a success and now
the disposable wedding dress is vying for a larger place in the marketplace.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Tropical Inspired Cummerbunds & Bow Ties : )

HAVING A BEACH OR SUMMER WEDDING? Smack a little Hawaiian sun onto your tuxedo in a rainbow of colors. Tropical tie and cummerbund in a classic retro pattern will have everyone giving you hang ten, dude.

Bright hues freshen up your look whether you're attending an "Under the Sea" event or just want to show a bit of personality. 100% microfiber gives you a crisp, just-pressed look and it's washable too (Look at the coral reef tie and cummerbund : ) Nothing fishy about this good looking set!

or perhaps your guy is a saltwater fisherman? Check out the saltwater fisherman set!

Check out this site... they have everything from the "Bird of
Paradise;" Hawaiian," "Crosswinds" and more styles for
your beach or summer wedding. (Click

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sandcastle cake topper or table centerpiece for your Beach Wedding

Sandcastle Wedding Castle Cake Topper

Having a beach wedding? Then every princess needs a sand castle. These are great both for on top of the cake and as table centerpieces. Add some sand around the base, a few shells and voila... beach on the table : ) Click on picture!

It's So Easy Being Green ... Organic Flowers for Your Wedding!

Long-Stemmed Organic Calla Lilies

Famous artists such as Georgia O'Keefe made calla lilies famous in her paintings, but nothing beats the striking beauty of the real thing. Our callas are organically grown and cut with extra long stems. We ship
them fresh from the farm before the flower fully opens. Just trim the stems and place in a tall vase with water. Flowers guaranteed to open in a few days with blooms so beautiful you might be inspired to paint as well! Each bunch includes 10 stems.
Long-Stemmed Organic Calla Lilies

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Make a Wedding Keepsake Box .... Rose Inspired Favors

Do-It-Yourself Keepsake Box

Want to make the bride in your life a gift she'll never forget? With a little ingenuity, you can create a keepsake memory box for her that she'll have to remember her wedding day by forever and always. (Click here for directions)

And something new.... Rose Inspired Favors Rose Ball Candle Wedding Favor As low as $1.65 each

Rose Soap Wedding Favor As low as $1.45 each

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Instead of the "Guestbook" try these great items!

Instead of the Guestbook try these great ideas: Bride and Groom Plates, Signature Frame, Signature Vase (My favorite : )) These are a great alternative to the book and, make a great heirloom and reusable household item!

Bride and Groom Platter - $ 50.00

From: My Wedding Favors

Engraved Silver Signature Frame - $ 45.00

From: My Wedding Favors

Signature Vase - $ 39.00

From: My Wedding Favors

10" White Ceramic Square Guest Plate - $ 37.89

From: My Wedding Favors

Friday, April 6, 2007

Hello Kitty Wedding, Hello Kitty Wedding Gown and ... wow, just fun!

The First Ever Hello Kitty Wedding

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket For those of you who are obsessed with "Hello Kitty," you'll be pleased to know that the Daiichi Hanyu hotel chain in Japan has begun offering Hello Kitty Princess Kitty wedding packages. Your ceremony can include "Hello Kitty" and "Dear Daniel" character escorts (best man and maid of honor) for the ceremony. How cool is that?

Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel (that's the name of Hello Kitty's piano
playing; wildlife photographer boyfriend
) accompany the newly-weds at the chapel when they exchange rings and vows, escort them to the reception and of course, pose for the pictures. In some of the plans the marrying couple get stuffed Kitty's, Kitty bouquets, a Kitty ring pillow, etc, and have the option of dressing like Kitty and Daniel.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The first-ever legally valid MTR Hello Kitty ream Wedding took place February 2007, at the MTR
Hong Kong Station. Witnessed by relatives, friends and MTR passengers, bridegroom Jamie and his bride Horlick (who was dressed in the first-ever Hello Kitty wedding gown, jointly designed by the MTR Corporation, Sanrio and Wonderful Arts, (the bride's wedding gown was filled with Hello Kitty patterns made of Austrian crystals.) ) with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, boarded the first-ever MTR Hello Kitty Wedding Train and traveled to the MTR Hong Kong Station. The wedding train was specially designed for the occasion with images of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel dressed as little cupids covering the train body and compartments. The interior was decorated with flowers and ribbons.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Upon arriving at their destination, the couple was carried by a pair of rickshaws, amid cheers from MTR passengers,
towards the ceremonial venue at MTR Hong Kong Station. Led by the best man Dear Daniel and bridesmaid Hello
Kitty, the coulple proceeded to Hong Kong Station, which had been transformed to a wedding hall. Under the witness of the Civil Celebrant - Mr. Samuel Chan (solicitor), Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel, friends and relatives, (as well as MTR passengers) Jamie and Horlick were married.

The average price for a ceremony where all female guests
continually exclaim "kawaii !!!" is 2M yen (40 people). And if you are really into pink, above is a sample of a Hello Kitty Wedding Dress (which would probably work well as a bridesmaid dress : ).