Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Laser Cut Cupcake Holders -- Excellent for a Party

If you're still deciding whether to serve cupcakes for dessert at your upcoming event, these enchanting "Butterflies" Cupcake Holders should help make up your mind! Perfect for spring, summer and ... more info.

Cupcakes are the newest dessert craze at weddings these days, and a beach wedding is no exception. Kick your seaside gala up a notch by serving your nicely iced cupcakes in these "Seashells" Cupcake ... more info.

Hearts Awhirl! Laser-Cut Cupcake Holders (Set of 50)
Valentine's Day parties, weddings, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners-any event where love takes center stage and cupcakes are being served-are perfect for presenting the ultimate in cupcake accessories! The "Hearts Awhirl!" Cupcake Holders add so much to your decor and your dessert table. The distinctive detail of the laser-cut design is sure to dazzle your guests and express your flair for style. The "Hearts Awhirl!" Cupcake Holders come in a set of 50.

Filigree Laser-Cut Cupcake Holders (Set of 50)

If you want to turn crowd-pleasing cupcakes into an elegant and classic dessert, simply serve them in these lovely "Filigree" Cupcake Holders to impress your guests and enhance the look of your table at your next event. Perfect for weddings, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, bridal showers, tea and garden parties, Mother's Day parties and more, these elegant, white cupcake holders feature an exquisite laser-cut design that turns a simple cupcake into a luxurious treat. The cupcake
holders come in a set of 50. Easy assembly.

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