Friday, February 27, 2009

"You have to kiss alot of frogs to meet Mr. Right . . ."

An old saying, but true in most cases (unless you are lucky). You have to find that perfect match. With that being said, wedding cake tops have come a long way. I came across these and I just love them. They are whimsical, cute and different. Both would work great for the wedding or shower -- and for a Cinderella or Princes themed wedding.

Frog Prince Cake Topper

Frog Prince Cake Topper

$42.00 per set

Like the classic fairytale The
Frog Prince, this two-piece topper set depicts a
princess kissing a frog, and her groom who hasn't
quite made the transition yet to a prince. Each
two-piece set is made of hand painted porcelain
bisque and includes a groom that measures 6" tall
with a 2.25" base, and a 5.5" tall bride with base
just over 4" wide. While the figurines are sold as a
set, they are also available as mix and match

Princess Bride Cake Topper

Princess Bride Cake Topper

$31.00 each

A fairytale moment for your
fairytale day, this figurine makes a cute topper for
a bridal shower or wedding cake. Each is made of
hand painted porcelain bisque. Measures 5.5" tall
and just over 4" at the base. The paint colors are
available only as shown, we are not able to provide
custom paint. Also available as a two piece set with
a Frog Prince Groom.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Monogrammed Brownie Pops - Sensuously Sweet Favor

What’s glamorously chic on the outside, yet sensuously sweet on the inside? No, not the Bride —these monogrammed brownie pops! But the glam chocolate monogram is just the icing on the cake: at the center of each pop is a delicious fresh-baked brownie or blondie. They’re the perfect gourmet favor for any bridal shower, birthday party or bachelorette fete.

Choose from five fabulous designs: bride, groom, filigree, scrolls and vintage. The bride is dressed in white chocolate with candy pearls and a delicate lace bodice made of white nonpareils; the groom is resplendent in a milk chocolate tux and tie with a white chocolate shirt. For a glamorous, old-Hollywood look, pair the filigree and vintage pops. And, only $3.50 each.

Each chocolate-covered brownie pop features a single initial in either milk, dark or white chocolate. Arrives individually wrapped in cellophane and tied with an organza bow. Measures approximately 1 3/4" diameter x 4 7/8" high (including the stick).

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hanky Panky's Long Stem Panties Rose Bouquet

You can't carry these flowers down the asile ...

Special for Valentine’s Day or any other day for that matter; Hanky Panky’s cult-favorite thongs have been wrapped around rosebuds and made to look like a bouquet of flirty flowers ($250 per dozen, $130 per half (at press time). And, NO CALORIES!!!! : ) Plus, think about it. When you get real roses .. in a day or two they are falling off the stem (unless of course they are wired on) ... but still. This is the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Hanky Panky Long Stem Lovin; Low Rise Thong Bouquet - One Dozen Roses Panty

I think this makes a great gift. 12 thongs simulate long stem roses. Soft, signature stretch lace. Flat, curved, low rise waistband. Daringly low, 3.5 inch rise. Cotton panel. Keepsake silk rose is revealed beneath each thong. Includes packet of powder lingerie wash. Fits Sizes 4-14. Packaged in flower box with red bow. The perfect Valentine's Day gift. Only available at Bare Necessities. Chocolates are predictable and flowers are perishable. Give the gift that lasts.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good Orient ... Don't Let The Name Fool You! Excellent Prices for Excellent Gowns!

I was very pleased and shocked to come across the Good Orient Site today. The Good Orient boutique evolved from a 1998 hobbyist Asian theme webstore to one of the leading fully-fledged Asian Specialty E-stores in the world. They have a great selection of traditional and modern wedding gowns, gowns for the mothers and dresses for the flower girls in both western styles and in Asian-inspired apparel. They don't stop there ... they offer other clothing in well. Well worth checking out. Here are just a few that I picked out!

True Love is under $350.00- This exceptional gown is the new stylish wedding dress that is regal and elegant, as befitting a bride on her special day. The superb hand embroidery would set this wedding dress apart from other dresses on any day, but most of all on a wedding day. This gown will be the focus of attention on the bride; or it would be the centerpiece of a serious collection. Select your favorite one and enjoy your wedding day!!

Then there is this dress for $207.98. Dignified, tasteful and made of satin and lace.
Again, they have a large selection that is defintely worth looking into!