Friday, January 1, 2010

Day of Reckoning .. Time to Get Ready for the Wedding Dress Fitting

I hate to be the one ... but .... New Year's Resolution time. What time is it? Time to start the diet. And, when I tell you the Body Magic shapewear makes you "feel good" physically, I'm not kidding. It actually feels great being "firmed up" and all your insides in place : ) Not to mention -- losing the few inches in minutes helps you get mentally motivated to lose the weight (not matter how little or how much).

This particular shaper does get great reviews. And, it is medical grade compression material. Same thing the doctors and plastic surgeons use. It's comfortable and works.

Measuring Instructions
1- BREAST (measure around back and your breast. This is not a tight measurement)
2- THORAX (measure directly under your breast and that one is to be a very tight measurement)
3- WAIST (measurement about 2 inches above your navel)
4- LOWER BELLY (if you have a lot of lower belly tissue measure that as well)
HIPS (measure around the largest part of your hips)

You can order it here --- Ardyss

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