Thursday, July 30, 2009

FlipFlops at your Wedding ... It's Okay!

Flip Flops For Your Wedding -- It's Okay Now

Yes. Your mother said you should dress up. Especially on your wedding day. But what if you just don't do shoes??? Flip Flops are the answer. Comfy. And now, decorative. They don't have to be white run of the mill rubber soled drugstore shoes. Check out the new styles!

Don't forget .... pedicure. If you are going to wear sandals (or flip flops) make sure you and your bridal party have your feet in tip top condition. Tip: Have a girls day out the day before and let everyone get a pedicure. This way ... No Surprises on the big day!

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bridal girl said...

I do agree with the post. Flip flops can really be comfortable especially if you are not that into hills. It will also be great to wear flip flops if you are going to marry on the beach.

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