Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good Orient ... Don't Let The Name Fool You! Excellent Prices for Excellent Gowns!

I was very pleased and shocked to come across the Good Orient Site today. The Good Orient boutique evolved from a 1998 hobbyist Asian theme webstore to one of the leading fully-fledged Asian Specialty E-stores in the world. They have a great selection of traditional and modern wedding gowns, gowns for the mothers and dresses for the flower girls in both western styles and in Asian-inspired apparel. They don't stop there ... they offer other clothing in well. Well worth checking out. Here are just a few that I picked out!

True Love is under $350.00- This exceptional gown is the new stylish wedding dress that is regal and elegant, as befitting a bride on her special day. The superb hand embroidery would set this wedding dress apart from other dresses on any day, but most of all on a wedding day. This gown will be the focus of attention on the bride; or it would be the centerpiece of a serious collection. Select your favorite one and enjoy your wedding day!!

Then there is this dress for $207.98. Dignified, tasteful and made of satin and lace.
Again, they have a large selection that is defintely worth looking into!


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