Friday, May 9, 2008

Wedding Invitations . . . Your First Impression

An old wives tale says, “first impressions count.” This could never hold truer than when a person receives your wedding invitation. Your invitation will set the tone and style of your wedding.

Today’s invitations can be creative, fun, traditional or even handmade. Deciding on a tone or theme of invitation is limitless. True formal invitations being a “must” style is a thing of the past. You can use anything from home computers, rubber stamps to Internet vendors.

Order your invitations at least three months before the wedding and always order more than you need. If you make a mistake in writing them out or you need extras, you will have them.

Should you decide to make your own invitations, remember that as a rule most invitations are placed in two envelopes. An outer envelope is where the name and address of the invitee are written. The inner envelope is addressed with the name and title of the invitee. Also enclosed is a reception card and response card. The last piece of required wedding stationery is your thank you card. Many stationers offer packages that include all of these elements in a package deal.

  • Send an invitation to the President of the United States and the First Lady. Address it to
    the White House in Washington , DC and you will receive a congratulatory message that is a wonderful keepsake.
  • If you are Catholic, send it to the Pope. He will send you a Papal blessing. Ask your parish priest to assist you with this.Use standard size invitations. Oversize will cost more.
  • You can purchase blank papers or invitations at places like Paper Direct, or even (in store or online) and print your own invitation. Most stationary stores and department stores (Walmart for instance) also sell blank invitations.
  • Enclose a Map (check or so that your guests can find your wedding and reception site easily.
  • To find the perfect stamp to use on your invitations go the post office’s web site at or create your own at
  • Before sending out response cards, assign each guest a number and write that number on the back of their card. When it is returned, if you can’t read their handwriting you will know who it is by the number on back of card.
  • Keep in mind that your invitation is the first announcement of the wedding and that it will set the tone. Take heed when choosing and pay close attention to sending out an announcement you can be proud of and one that will be memorable.

To get you started, here are some great places online to find invitations:

  1. Fine Stationary
  2. Wedding Paper Divas
  3. Invitation Consultants
  4. Invitation Box
  5. e-Invite
  6. Invitations by Dawn
  7. Rexcraft
  8. Now and Forever
  9. Jean M
  10. Ann's Bridal Bargains


Neil Cowley said...

A letter from the presendent, and a papal blessing! amazing tip, I have to do it.

40th anniversary invitations said...

Thanks for sharing this. Love to see such beautiful invitations. Handmade is the best!