Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Summer Tuxes ... Hang Ten Dude!

HAVING A BEACH OR SUMMER WEDDING? Smack a little Hawaiian sun
onto your tuxedo in a rainbow of colors. Tropical tie and
cummerbund in a classic retro pattern will have everyone
giving you hang ten, dude.

Bright hues freshen up your look whether you're attending an "Under the Sea" event or just want to show a
bit of personality. 100% microfiber gives you a crisp, just-pressed look and it's washable too (Look at the coral reef tie and cummerbund : ) Nothing fishy about this good looking set!

or perhaps your guy is a saltwater fisherman? Check
out the saltwater fisherman set!

Check out this site... they have everything from the "Bird of Paradise;" Hawaiian," "Crosswinds" and more styles for your beach or summer wedding. (Click here)

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