Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Electric Slide ....It's Safe Now

Did you know that the guy who invented the Electric Slide was suing folks under the DMCA for, among other things, doing it wrong? Good news today from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which reports that Mr. Richard Silver has come to an agreement under which he will stop asking people to take down noncommercial videos of the dance (or dance attempts, as you will). He will, in fact, be licensing the dance under a Creative Commons license, making it freely available for all noncommercial use. Your wedding-dance plans, in other words, are once again safe and legal.

But wait a minute. That's all well and good, and I hope that anyone doing the Electric Slide at a festive occasion will take a moment to think good thoughts in Mr. Silver's direction -- not required under the term of the license, mind you, but one good turn deserves another. But what about this business of People Doing It Wrong? Some cheery lunatic at the EFF has whipped
up a demonstration
of sorts (I'm guessing that's a limited-time display, so check it out now), but how are we going to clear up this accuracy issue? Oh, wait -- here's the man to show us how. Spidey and a Transformer are also present on that page to demonstrate, leaving everybody in the universe but me with no excuse not to do the dance properly. Go.

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